Tamara Geva

  1. Tallulah Bankhead,  Lady, 1930.  Or New York Lady. when the Russian-born Geva was set to play Nancy Courtney. At the time Brodway’s dahling Tallulah was preparing to plunge into  her first talkie, Her Past, when   Paramount decided to make her the New York Lady (the original title). She was paid  $50,000 for the ten-week shoot. But soon got bord with film-making.  At age 16, Geva became the first wife of ballet ikon George Balanchine and got her start in German silent movies in the 1920s – billed as, simply. Tamara.    Then bisexual Bankhead’s affairs included  Billie Holliday and the first black Oscar-winner,ne with the Wind’s Mammy:Hattie McDaniel].

 Birth year: 1907Death year: 1977Other name: Casting Calls:  1