Tammy Grimes

  1. Sandra Dee, If A Man Answers, 1961.      Chantal went from Nancy Kwan to Grimes before churning into Dee. “Do you realise that nobody’s asked me to marry him in a week?” When someone did, it was Dee’s real husband, pop singer Bobby Darin in a Doris Day-Rock Hudson movie. Without Doris Day-Rock Hudson.
  2. Elizabeth Montgomery, Bewitched, TV, 1964-1972.    The Broadway star and Sanford Meisner pupil was a surprise initial choice for Samantha Stephens – the charming suburban witch.  With a twitchy nose.  She worked with Montgomery’s second Darin – Dick Sargent – on her Tammy Grimes Show, 1966. Her first husband was Christopher Plummer and their daughter, Amanda, contiued in the family biz.
  3. Susan Hayward, The Valley of the Dolls, 1967. 

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