Taylor Schilling

  1. Morena Baccarin, Deadpool, 2015.      No question about who was to be the pansexual, supersardonic superhit’s supervillain – Ryan Reynold had created the mould in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 2008.   But who should be his lover Vanessa Carlysle?  The Irish Sarah Greene, Olivia Munn (held  back for another Marvelverse rôle, Psylocke, in X-Men: Apocalpyse), Crystal Reed (she joined DC’s Swamp Thing series, 2019), Taylor Schilling from Orange is the New Black, TV, 2013-2019…  plus two Aussies: Jessica De Gouw and Rebecca Ritters were seen… before Baccarin (like Reynolds) achieved the rare double of winning both DC and Marvel comic characters.

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