Teresa Ann Savoy

  1. Maria Schneider, Io Sono Mia (I Belong To Me), Italy-Spain-West Germany, 1978).   The UK’s TAS was suddenly replaced by the French  Schneider.  Vice-versa the following year, when TAS replaced Schneider as the sister of  Caligula.
  2. Valerie Kaprisky, Aphrodite, France-Germany-Switzerland 1982.   Announced by UK director Robert Fuest in July 1981 for what proved his final film.
  3. Marina Pierro, La Morte vivante, France, 1982.   One director’s muse for another… B-movie horrorsmith Jean Rollin went to Rome for Italy’s girl from Chelsea and  Tinto Brass’ Salon Kitty. “She really inspired me.” Not vice–versa. Rollin finished with Walerien Borowczyk’s lady from Interno di un covento, Les héroines du mal, Docteur Jekyll et les femmes… And all because his production manager Lionel Wallmann gave the wrong scenario to Savoy. A porno script. (Rollin made several hardcore films as Michel Gentil. Rollin’s full name was Jean Michel Rollin Le Gentil) – this didn’t bother Mike Marshall, actor-son of French cinema icon Michèle Morgan. “Savoy said she’d never work with me under any circumstances. I think she was slightly out of her mind.” He enjoyed relating that anecdote. 


 Birth year: 1955Death year: 2017Other name: Casting Calls:  3