Terry Moore

  1. Shirley Temple, Since You Went Away, 1943.   Many were seen  by producer David O Selznick for his war effort film, a US take on MGM’s Mrs Miniver.  When DOS persuaded Shirley Temple back to work at 15, Moore was compensated with her screen debut bit role.   
  2. Maggie McNamara, The Moon Is Blue, 1952.   Seems silly to say so, but bombastic director Otto Preminger forced Hollywood to grow up with films like this one where McNamaa actually said the word “virgin.” And more than once.   Moore (who never looked like a virgin) and the pert and Diana Lynn were up for Patty, before Otto went with the Broadway play’s star…. who deserved more than her paltry dozen screen roles.
  3. Diana Lynn, An Annapolis Story, 1954.     Moore and Debra Paget were first up for thje girl in the sandwhich of brthers Kevin McCarthy and John Derek in what one web reviewer called “a “patriotic soap” set in the US Naval Academy. Four years earlier, Derek and Lynn intertwined as those Rogues of Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood and Maid “Marianne.”
  4. Joan Collins, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, 1955.   Being (a) English and (b) tied up on The Virgin Queen,  Joanie never felt she had a chance.  Not when other Fox pactees like Moore and Debra Paget were busily testing to take Marilyn Monroe’s place on Evelyn Nesbit’s swing.
  5. Phyllis Diller, The Still Life, 2005.    And 50 years later in career of the secret wife of  Howard Hughes (1946-76)…  Diller did not make this film, but her wigs did. Bad health meant Phyllis had to miss “the finest role ever offered to me.”  She suggested Terry take her place – and she sported Diller’s personal wig collection throughout the film

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