Thomas Lennon

  1. Michael Dolan,Lolita,  1996.     Dolan beat Lennon to (considering the sexual storyline) the unfortunately named Dick. As UK director Adrian Lyne tried to be Stanley Kubrick. As of 2018, Lyne has only made one other film, Unfaithful, in the very Kubrickian year of 2001.
  2. Mos Def, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 2004. 
  3. Steve Carell,  The Office, TV,  2005-2013.     In the hunt for a US version of Ricky Gervais for the US take on his classic BBC mockumentary series, NBC also looked at Hank Azaria, Bill Chott, Ben Falcone,  Paul Giamatti,  Ken Marino,  Bob Odenkirk, Nick Offerman, Martin Short, Paul F Tompkins, Alan Tudyk, Rain Wilson (who became Dwight) and Jim Zulevic.  Carell, a Jon Stewart protégé on The Daily Show, survived as Michael Scott for 138 of the 187 episodes.
  4. Adam Scott,  Step Brothers, 2007.       Mad Men’s Jon Hamm also  auditioned for Derek in the mean comedy after which, critic Roger Ebert said: “I felt a little unclean.”
  5. Nick Offerman, Parks and Recreation, TV, 2009-2014.    Auditioned for P&R director, Ron Swanson, in The Office-style mockumentary smash starring Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler.
  6. John Michael Higgins, We Bought A Zoo, 2010.      Lennon lost the villain of the piece – described by Chicago critic Roger Ebert  as “an anal-retentive animal control officer who enforces strict standards involving the care and housing of the animals.”   
  7. Billy Crudup, The Watch, 2011.  Lennon tried out for Ben Stiller’s creepzoid neighbour – a later, uncredited bit from Crudup. Didn’t save the neighbourhood watch “comedy.” Nothing could. Well, scissors.
  8. Steve Buscemi, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, 2012.     The actor and comedy writer (Wilbur Wright in  Night at the Museum II) was considered for Steve Carell’s magic act partner,  Anton Marvelton.  By 2014, Lenmnon ws the new Felix Unger (ex-Jack Lemmon and Tony Randall) in TVis new Odd Couple opposite Matthew Perry as Oscar Madison (ex-Walter Mathau and Jack Klugman).

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