Tim Holt

  1. Richard Cromwell, Jezebel, 1937.  According to Warner’s detailed Daily Production and Progress Reports, teenagers Tim Holt and Maurice Murphy  tested for Henry Fonda’s brother opposite the titular Bette Davis in  the film known  as…  the black-and-white Gone with the Wind!   Jezebel was released on Match 26, 1938 – the day I was born.
  2. Edmund Lowe, Call Out The Marines, 1941.      As the (unknown) directors kept changing – from Jack Hively to Leslie Goodwin to the shared credit for William Hamilton and Frank Ryan – the father-son team of Jack and Tim Holt churned into Victor McLaglen and Lowe. Just as their gals went from Anne Shirley and the French Simone Simon to London’s Binnie Barnes and Rhode Island’s Dorothy Lovett. The Holts evenutally played father-son in a 1947 Western programmer, The Arizona Ranger.
  3. Robert Mitchum, Nevada, 1944.      RKO’s fastest gun B-cowpoke had gone to war. And  two years after debuting as a Hopalong Cassidy villain, Mitchum finally had a lead role –  and a white hat. Just nowhere to shower, until found naked under a garden hose outside the executive offices!


 Birth year: 1918Death year: 1973Other name: Casting Calls:  2