Tisha Sterling

  1. Charmian Carr, The Sound of Music, 1965.        Ann Sothern’s daughter was in director Robert Wise’s loop for Liesel Von Trapp – with three other nepo babies:   Charlie’s Geraldine Chaplin, Judy Garland’s Liza Minnelli and Maureen O’Sullivan’s Mia Farrow. Plus Kim Darby, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate and Lesley Ann Warren. Critic Pauline Kael famously tried to bury “the sugar-coated lie that people seem to want to eat” but it  saved Fox from the near bankruptcy  of the Cleopatra debacle.
  2. Lynn Loring, Doppelgänger (US: Journey to the Far Side of the Moon), 1969.     When Tish fell ill, director Robert Parrish ran to the wife of his US star, Roy Thinnes.

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