Tom Sturridge


  1. Hayden Christensen, Jumper, 2007.  Filming with Sturridge and Terese Palmer as Davey and Millie, was eventually shuttered to re-examine rising closts  and re-started with Hayden Chritensen and Rachel Bilson. They became engaged during the movie, called it off in 2010, got back twogether again in 2011 and split anew in 2017.  Sounds like they’ve got a movie there.
  2. Gaspard Ulliel,  Hannibal Rising, 2007.   Or Hannibal Lecter: The Teenage Years– more of a revenge trip for the wartime murder of his sister than a cannibal’s apprenticeship. Somehow a French actor beat such potential Lecters  as Dominic Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Macauley Culkin (honest!), Hugh Dancy, Rupert Friend, Tom Payne, Tom Sturridge to play the cannibal nephew of Gong Li, no less… in the fifth Hannibalia since Manhunter, 1985.
  3. Johnny Flynn, Sils Maria, France-US, 2013.   Sturridge was auteur Olivier Assayas’ choice for Christopher Giles. He passed – and Flynn scored.






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