Tomas Arana

  1. Adam Baldwin, Radio Flyer, 1991.    Columbia won what was then the hottest script in town – and cowardly  chickened out of its subject, cast and debuting writer-director.  And called in Richard Donner – “hey, The Goonies was a great kids’ movie!” However, the main subject here was (or had been) child abuse. When David Mickey Evans was still in charge of his own semi-autobio drama, Rosanna Arquette’s kids – well, Lorraine Bracco’s now – were James Badge Dale and Joseph Mazzello as his younger brother, abused by their stepfather, who calls  himself The King.  Baldwin later swore held never play such an odious character again.  DME turned his ruined script into a novel, The King of Pacoima (with no cuts) and directed 16 other movies by 2022.


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