Tomas Milian

1. – Warren Beatty, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone,  1961. Beatty borrowed funds to get to San Juan and persuade playwright Tennessee Williams  that he was the perfect Italian gigolo, Paolo di Leo. “I never worked so hard in my life.” He acquired the accent, covered his face in Man Tan, read for and won  the  role.  Williams  said Warren  still came to his bedroom door in his bathrobe. “Go home to bed, Warren, you’ve got the part.”  Bad news for the bisexual Cuban Milian who had previously won the  part – after sex with Williams! The Cuvban Milián was  a Beatty pal and fellow skirt-chaser at the Actors Studio – and  sure that “Snow White (as he called Beatty)  never knew they were both up for  Paolo. “Warren ended up in the movie dating Mrs Stone and in real life, Tomas ended up dating Tennessee Williams.” Milián’s Mexican revolutionary leader, Tepepa, 1968, was modelled more on Beatty – than Che Guvera.

2. – Colin Blakely, Don Camillo, Italy, 1983. Milián  refused to be the Communist Mayor Peppone  opposite Terence Hill’s  equally fiesty priest.


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