Tony Shaloub

  1. Michael Richards, Seinfeld, TV, 1989-1998. 
  2. Sam Rockwell, Galaxy Quest, 1999.  Probably the finest Hollywood send-up of a TV show had the cast of a copy-Star Trek  being mistaken  for  real spacemen  by Thermian aliens wanting their help!  Sam won Guy Fldeegman but Shaloub was compensated with chief engineer Fred Kwan, more than slightly respun from David Carradine’s Kung Fu hero, TV… and played like “a failed Scientologist,” commented Rockwell.
  3. John Diehl, Jurassic Park III, 2000.   Shalboub, Steve Buscemi and Stellan Skarsgård  were on Steven Spielberg’s menu for… a meal.  The role is Cooper, the mercenary eaten alive by Spinosaurus as his plane is trying to take off. The character could be, says IMDb, a nod and a wink (or belch) to another Cooper munched upon  by a Tyrannosaurus at the start of the 1998 Dino Crisis video game. 
  4. Jeffrey Wright, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 2012.
  5. Michael Stuhlbarg, Hitchcock, 2012.    Hitchcock’s back in business!   With two films headlined by UK actors (Anthony Hopkins, Toby Jones) in bad impressions and fat suits. This is the second one: Hopkins directing Psycho. And telling Janet Leigh: “You can call me Hitch. Hold the cock.”    Lew Wasserman, his agent and later, “last of the legendary movie moguls… arguably the most powerful and influential Hollywood titan in the four decades after World War II,” was also aimed at Brad Garrett, Tony Goldwyn (Sam’s grandson), Steve Guttenberg, stand-up comic Rob Riggle, Tony Shaloub, and the great Brit, Mark Strong.  
  6. Djimon Hounsou, Shazam!  2018.  A month after Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel opened in 2019, Zachary Levi arrived as… Captain Marvel. Finally re-named by DC as Shazam! in  2011. You may not know him, but he sold more comics tham Superman in the 40s. He’s really a kid of 14, given superpowers (and body) by an old called, er, Shazam. Think Superboy in Superbloke’s body.  Shaloub (TV’s brilliant Monk, 2002-2009),  F Murray Abraham, Alan Alda, Michael Keaton (the 1988 Batman) were seen for this wizard. Ron Ceophas Jones (from the opposition, Marvel’s Luke Cage) got the gig. But his TV schedule got the gig and  Hounsou took over. Direct from the set of…  Brie Larson’s winner!

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