Tony Wright

  1. Stacey Davies, Doctor Who #46: The Invasion,TV, 1968.   Wasted in UK, Tony was turned into a B-movie polar hero (Slim Callaghan, no less) by the French realisateur Willy Rozier in À toi de jouer… Callaghan!!!, 1954. After a few  more  of the same thud ’n’ blunders, the blond hunk was picked up by the UK’s Rank Organisation – and swiftly dropped after a few flops. (As a boy reporter, I met him  at Pinewood Studios when (night) shooting his Rank debut, Tiger in  the Smoke, in 1956).   He passed on being the minor Private Perkins opposite Doc2 Patrick Troughton. Among Tony’s other 60s movies was The Liquidator with Rod Taylor as a (cowardly) Bond called Boysie Oakes – precisely the  role action-man Wright should have been playing.

 Birth year: 1925Death year: 1986Other name: Casting Calls:  1