Travis Aaron Wade

  1. Michael Pitt, Dawson’s Creek, TV, 1998-2003.     Wade was fresh out of the marines and into  acting,  writing and, by 2005, starting the Promising Tomorrow Now (PTN) foundation to aid  kids recovering  from cancer.
  2. Brian Van Holt, Black Hawk Down, 2001.    “Perseverance is failing 100 times and succeeding the 101st.” Which movies inspred him,?  Well, as he told Steven Spielberg in 2004 during War of the Worlds, “my mother went into labour while watching Jaws!”
  3. Peter Sarsgaard, Jarhead, 2005.    “Welcome to The Suck,” says Troy. Wade came close to playing him as he had been exactly that role – a US marine  sharpshooter.  “I read with the cast at the table, went through months of auditions. It came down to film experience and relationship. A very humbling experience.”


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