Troian Bellisario

  1. Clara Delevingne, Suicide Squad, 2015. After 19 possible Deadshots and 15 Harley Quinns, director David Ayer searched through 11 young beauties for the DCV villain June Moone, aka Enchantress. The contenders were  Troian Bellisario (tied to Pretty Little Liars), Emilia Clarke (nothing without her Game of Thrones’dragons), Alexandra Daddario, Megan Fox, Brie Larson, Ellen Page, Krysten Ritter, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander, Shailene Woodley. And he told the winning Delevingne toprepare for the role by stripping naked in the woods and walk in mud, preferably during a full moon.  Takes all sorts. Film still flopped!

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