Van Halen


  1. The Ramones, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, 1979.      Warner Bros Records suits warned that Van Halen were raucous and difficult to handle when director Allan Arkush was searching for a band to (almost) close the movieat The Roxy concert. Cheap Trick, Devo, Tom Petty, Todd Rundgren all passed.  Well, it was a Roger Corman show, not Warner Bros! And legend insists that after getting only $25,000 for the movie, the Ramone shad to play Californian gigs to help pay their hotel bills-and Dee Dee’s hospital bill after he ODed in jail following an assault arrest. No wonderhe couldn’t remember his seven-word dialogue “Hey, pizza! It’s great! Let’s dig in!” was cut to “Hey, pizza!” – cut to “Hey, pizza!”

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