Victor Lanoux


  1.  Michel Constantine Les Morfalous, France, 1983.    After 127 scripts in 34 years, the prodigious dialoguist-turned-auteur Michel Audiard wanted to try some newer actors – and suggested Lanoux opposite Gérard Lanvin. That changed when Jean-Paul Belmondo decided on a 14th (and final) Audiard script. After making it 129 scenarios in 36 years, the writer known as The Little Cyclist died in 1985 at 65. Even his fans saw the Clint Eastwood influence on Bebel’s polars. Now he all but ripped Clint off in WWII actioner about a bunch of French Foreign Legionaires stealing a fortune in gold during WWI. Bebel’s Heroes, anyone? (Though the poster looked like Rambo in a kepi).




 Birth year: 1936Death year: 2017Other name: Casting Calls:  1