Victoria Principal

  1. Ali MacGraw, Goodbye Columbus,   1969.    “I remember I got a call-back for a second interview.”   Not a third.
  2. Lorraine Gary, Jaws, 1974.       After her Earthquake stint, Principal was considered for the Amityville police chief’s wife, Ellen Brody. Allegedly… As Gary was the first actor signed for the film. Well, she would be, wouldn’t she… being the wife of  young director Steven Spielberg’s discoverer and mentor, the Universal studio chief Sid Sheinberg.  He later bought the film rights to what became Schindler’s List for Spielberg.
  3. Sean Young, Blade Runner, 1981.    For the author, Philip K Dick, the perfect Rachael was the Principal Dallas TV star.  UK wiz Ridley Scott didn’t agree. He saw Nina Axelrod, Barbara Hershey, Grace Jones and Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick before settling upon Young. During their tests, Deckard was played by the Virginian Morgan Paull – given the rôle of Holden for his pains.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3