Virginie Ledoyen

  1. Asia Argento, New Rose Hotel,1998.    New York director Abel Ferrara was soon hunting the French girl’sreplacement.
  2. Audrey Tautou, The Da Vinci Code, 2005.
  3. Lou Doillon, Go Go Tales, 2006.   For what the exiled-in-Rome New Yorker called his “first intentional comedy,” director Abel Ferrera wanted one French  actress – and was given another. US casting directors do not usually refer to actresses by tbeir surnames, so when Ferrara’s man was  one was told to secure Ledoyen, he heard… Lou Doillon!   (Say it…) 
  4. Noomi Rapace, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shows, 2010.  UK director Guy Ritchie saw the Spanish Penelope Cruz and all the usual French girls for Sim – Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Cécile de France, Eva Green, Sophie Marceau, Audrey Tautou. And then signed a Swede… the star of the Millennium trilogy.



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