Werner Herzog

1. – Klaus Kinski, Fitzcarraldo, Germany, 1982. “Jason Robards became so ill that we had to fly him out to the US and the doctors wouldn’t permit him to return.”  Director Herzog was devastated –  he’d have to play the role, himself! “I thank God on my knees that I didn’t have to and that Kinski did.” They met up in   New York, Kinski popped champange. “I knew  I will be Fitzcarraldo. And you’re not. Because I’m much better than you.” “Of course, he was right,” said Herzog, of the star with a peculiar mixture of physical cowardice and courage. “I know I’m  a genius,” said Kinski.  And Herzog? “Every grey hair on my head I call Kinski.”

2. – Richard Strange, Mister Lonely, 2007. Herzog once called the young auteur: Harmony Korine: “You must fly out to San Francisco and meet me.” They became firm  friends and the German director took a role in  Harmony’s third film, Julien Donkey-Boy, 1999. For his  seventh, Harmony suggested Herzog for “the Abe Lincoln character, but he went on an anti-Lincoln rant…”  and chose, instead to be Father Umbrillo, in a Scots commune full of celebrity lookalikes.


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