Wynne Gibson

  1. Genevieve Tobin, Success At Any Price, 1933.       Winifred to her folks, Gibson and William Gargan – New Yorkers both – were first lined up by RKO for the hero and his gal. They became Tobin and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
  2. Karen Morley, Crime Doctor, 1933.       Nothing to do with Columbia’s 1943-1949 series based on the 1940-1947 CBS radio show, this RKO crime doctor is a cop doctoring his murder of his unfaithful wife to pin it on her lover….Typed as a tough blnde cookie, Gibson became an agent in the mid-50s. She was also the longtime companion of another tough blnde brad type, blonde toughie, Beverly Roberts.

 Birth year: 1898Death year: 1987Other name: Casting Calls:  2