Yunjin Kim

  1. Evangeline Lilly, Lost, TV, 2004-2010. The Korean-born New York dancer-actress auditioned for bad babe Kate. “Not. Quite. Right.” Yet, the producers fell heavily for Kim and created  Sun-Hwa Kwon for her. And both actresses stayed  the full course of the desert isle wackiness.
  2. Zoe Saldaner, Avatar, 2008.    The   bright Sun was the ten-foot tall “blue monkey”  Neytiri  on planet Pandora in it’ll-look-like-this test footage shot by auteur James Cameron.  Not in the franchise. Maybe the Korean mentioned how parts of his script seemed reminiscent of,  oh, well, let’s see now…  Dances With Wolves, Ferngully: The Last Rain Forest, The Last Samurai, Pocahontas, Vietnam Colony. Cameron only admitted only to various Indian inspirations, the title  included – stemming from the Hindi word Avathar: descent of the Supreme Being.

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