Yvonne Clech

  1. Claude Gensac, Oscar, France, 1967.   When casting the film of his stage triumph, Louis de Funès found it difficult to find a wife. Clech, Martha Mercadier, Simone Valère were wrong or booked. Then, Mme de Funès  was watching a TV whodunnit and yelled: “Loulou, I think I’ve found  your cinema wife!” And that is exactly what Gensac (an old family friend) became in most of their ten films together, including three of the Gendarme de Saint-Tropez series.
  2. Jacqueline Maillan, Appelez-moi Matilde, France, 1969.  The titular Matilde – Bernard Blier’s wife –  was the major change in the movie version of the Francis Veber play, L’Enlevement. Yvonne had been in films since 1951 and Jacqueline  since 1947. 

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