Adrien Zmed

  1. Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing, 1986.   Johnny Castle (originally Italian) went through Benicio Del Toro, Billy Zane and Adrien Zmed before arriving at Swayze – who hated ”the porno title.” MGM, Miramax, Orion, Warner,  Universal, rejected the project as “too girly.” Hadn’t they seen Flashdance? (Even Paramount passed and it had made Flashdance!).  The guys and  dolls –  Jennier Grey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Pia Zadora  – were interchanged in further tests to locate The Couple. Jennifer begged: “Anyone but Patrick!” They had a good/bad history filming Red Dawn, 1983, but agreed to put their differences aside. Swazye (15 years older than Johnny) had been with the Elliott Feld Ballet but removed  “dancer” off his CV, due to a dance-damaged knee.  Vestron  was  not sure what it hard and asked The Rose producer  Aaron Russo to take a look. His  advice: “Burn the negative and collect the insurance.” The little film that grew is still making $1m per year…  The hit song  – (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” –  led to something new at weddings: You can now lift the bride…  (Oh and Swayze turned down $6m or the sequel).

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