Alain Cuny

  1. Yves Robert, Juliette ou La clef des songes, France, 1951. French cinema legend Marcel Carné found his all-important Gilles the minstrel in his 1942 classic, Visiteurs du soir, when testing Cuny as another musician, an accordianist for this film – interupted by the WWII until Carné got it rolling anew, with an all new cast, in 1951. Robert later became a distinguished realisateur; Cuny, after the highs of Carné and Fellini (La Dolce Vita), wound up in… Emmanuelle, 1974.
  2. Donald Sutherland, Il Casanova di Federico Fellini (Fellini’s Casanova), 1975. With his second producer Andrea Rizzoli (son of La Dolce Vita producer Angelo Rizzoli) in 1974, Fellini shot tests of certain actors as the older Casanova – before settling for one actor as young and old. The testees were Cuny (from La Dolce Vita), Ugo Tognazzi – and Vittorio Gassman, a previous Italian screen Casanova in Il Cavaliere misterioso, 1948. Plus, but of course, Marcello Mastroianni… an excellent older Casanova in La nuit de Varennes, 1981.

 Birth year: 1908Death year: 1994Other name: Casting Calls:  2