Alan King

  1. Joseph Bologna, Blame It On Rio, 1983.    “The Jewish Will Rogers” was an early notion for Victor Lyons. This was the first of two “boudoir comedy” re-treads of French hits for Bologna. This one from Un moment d’égarement, 1977, minus any credit for the Paris auteur-producer, Claude Berri  – followed by The Woman in Red, 1983, from Un Elephant Ca Trompe Enormement, 1976, with full credit to auteur Yves Robert and his co-scenarist Jean-Loup Dabadie. Unusally for Hollywoodised French hits, both copies were successful.

  2. John Berry, ‘Round Midnight, France, 1986.      Ironically, the comic turned down being owner of the Blue Note Club in Paris because, according  to realisateur Bertrand Tavernier, “his lines were essentially ad-libbed.” That bothered  a stand-up comic?  So John Berry ran the Blue Note and Martin Scorsese ran Birdland in New York.


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