Albert Kennedy “Rosey” Rosewall

  1. Burgess Meredith, Story of GI Joe, 1943.     Pulitzer Prize-winning US WWII correspondent Ernie Pyle was revered by his public as  saint, seer and common man.  So producer Lester Cowan naturally first thought of Astaire and Gary Cooper, then James Gleason or Fred MacMurray. Plus two total amateurs: Pittsburgh radio sports jock  “Rosey” Rosewell and an Ernie clone called John M Waldeck: a streetcar conductor nominated for the role by 1,200 St Louisans. Pyle voted for Meredith, a serving US Army captain at the time. Pyle never saw the film – he was killed during the 1945 Okinawa invasion two months before the premiere.

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