Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane

  1. Russell Gleason, All Quiet On The Western Front, 1930.     Rocky, the ex-Notre Dame football star, was just beginning a heroic career of more than a hundred sagebrush serials and movies astride his trusty Blackjack. In 1960-65, he was  a wonder horse – the voice of  TV’s Mr. Ed.
  2. Jim Bannon, Ride, Ryder, Ride, 1949.     Most of the B-cowhands used to say they were (like jockeys) merely “scufflin’ for groceries.”    Following seven outings as the third Red Ryder – the  role that made/ruined  Don Barry in 1940 – Lane was replaced as the B-Western hero by the younger Bannon. For a mere four adventures… the final nails in Ryder’s coffin.  There was never a fourth. Both Bannon and Lane, made Ryder TV pilots in the 90s. Neither one caught fire. 

 Usual occupation: US FootballerBirth year: 1904Death year: 1973Other name: Casting Calls:  2