André Dussollier

  1. Gérard Lanvin, Exterieur nuit, France, 1979.       Dussollier preferred the other male lead: “more humour, more distance.”
  2. Peter Semler, La machine à découdre, France-Italy, 1986.       “Monsieur Dussolier,” said his agent, “has no wish to shave his head or be pierced for an ear-ring.” And that shook the wind out of Jean-Pierre Mocky’s sails. The “amoral moralist” of French realisateurs was, this once, not up to the writing, directing and acting. His next wife, Patricia Barzyk, was perfect. Nude in almost every scene.
  3. Bernard Le Coq, Joyeux Noel, France, 2004.       In the trenches of Christmas 1914.
  4. Adèle Haene, La fille inconnue, Belgium-France, 2015.        Ken Loach, Belgian style, is a pair of brothers, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. The gestation of their films takes forever. For their 2016 Cannes festival entry they met with the French Dussollier in February 2010, before working out the script and the central character. A doctor? A cop? Finally, it was not even a fella but Adele as a young medic obsessed with the death of an African hooker who had sought her aid. “If I’d opened the door, she would still be alive.”

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