Angel Tompkins

1. – Sally Kirkland, The Sting, 1973.  Harrison Ford is not the only carpenter to make it in movies. The ex-Angeline Stromberg, former tomboy, nudist, cover girl – and woodsmith! –  played many a B-movie tomcat in 80s’ Bs. This particular dancing gal, however, went to Shelley Winters’ god-daughter, who went from the 1969 underground (Futz, Coming Apart) to  the soapy Days Of Our Lives,   1999, via taszsel-dancing in The Sting.   

2. – Kathleen Turner, Body Heat, 1981.  The heat from The Don Is Dead and Prime Cut tried hard – too hard? – and struck out.

3. – Lucinda Crosby, The Naked Cage, 1986.  Offered an  undercover cop or the prison warden, she went, instinctively, for the cop. “I didn’t want to come off as a lesbian but Paul Nicolas [writer-director] convinced me the warden’s love scene would work – and I thought I might learn something from it!”  Also the cop- arrived extremely late in this extreme bras-behind-bars trip.


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