Angie Bowie

  1. Lynda Carter,  Wonder Woman, TV, 1975-1979.    The 1972 Miss World USA (!) reigned  supreme over such starry rivals as  the previous, 1973 WW tele-film star, Cathy Lee Crosby. Plus Angie Bowie (David’s first wife), Joanna Cassidy and all three Charlie’s Angels: Farrah Fawcett. Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith. Carter was soon on $1m a year while Debra
  2. Miranda  Richardson,  Dance  With  A  Stranger,  1980.    Then, Ziggy’s missus   was set for a 1975 film about Ruth Ellis, the last woman executed  for murder in Great Britain.  Her brother managed  to halt this production; not the next one.


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