Anika Noni Rose

  1. Kerry Washington, Scandal, TV,  2012-2018.   The ABC suits’ choices were all white. “It’s just perfect for Connie Britton!”(from The West Wing, etc). “It would be,”said creator Shonda Rhimes, “except Olivia Pope is black.”  She was inspired by Washington fixer Judy Smith; Monica Lewinsky was among her clients. Boston Legal’s Washington and Taraji P Henson, Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls), Jill Scott (The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency) and  Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys II) were wheeled in for a rare black headliner. That was Kerry as soon as casting director Linda Lowy introduced her to Rhimes Then, as Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Godlbergrevealed, the suits fretted about Pope’s  affair with President Tony Goldwyn.  Rhimes put ‘em straight. “This woman is going to have sex with the president.  In the Oval Office. On the desk. So if everyone can’t get behind that, then we shouldn’t make this show.” And even Kerry said: “Great role for Connie Britton!”

  2. Shani Williams, The Wiz Live! TV, 2015.      The first post-Judy Garland screen version of The Wizard of Oz was mooted by Disney in 1998 – with Rose as Dorothy. The project blew up when the studio could not obtain the rights. CUT to 17 years later, and the debuting Williams (and all her mates) performed the show live on NBC, December 3, 2015,

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