Anna Faris


  1. Lauren Ambrose, Six Feet Under , TV, 2001-2005.    At her audition for rhe undertaking family’s daughter, she was (she said) laughed off by the casting director.
  2. Emily Blunt, Gnomeo and Juliet, 2010.   Faris and Neve Campbell were surprise early ideas for Juiietin this red v blue garden gnomes’ take on Shakespeare (voiced by Patrick Stewart)  with, of course, producer Elton John’s songbook – Benny and the Jets, Rocketman, Your Song, et al. Bard jokes included  houses numbered 2B and Not 2B and  the Rosencrantz  & Guildenstern moving company.
  3. Ari Graynor, 10 Years, 2010. IMDb pitch: High school reunion  friends realise they still haven’t quite grown up…  They included Channing Tatum, Justin Long, Max Minghella.. but not Anna. First and so far )2021) only film writer-directed by producer Jamie Linden.
  4. Lynn Collins,  10 Years, 2011.    A high school reunion, ten years after…  (You know the rest).  After an early thought about Faris, Collins played the hottest girl in the class – still lusted after by Justin Long and Max Minghella. Ten Years After – with Alvin Lee – was tons better!
  5. Kristen Wiig, The Skeleton Twins, 2013.   Saturday Night Live-rs Wiig and Bill Hader became instant perfection as Maggie and Milo – suicidal twins, reuniting to  examine their lives. 
  6. Kate McKinnon, Ghostbusters, 2015.    Or ‘busterettes…  Finally, after a wait of 27 years, a third ’busters movie. This time, they’re all women. Paul Feig women  like Melissa McCarthy,  Kristen Wiig and… well, it was going to be Faris, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone or Rebel Wilson but proved to be Kate.


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