Anna Kendrick


  1. Judith Hoag, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1989.     For the first live-action Turtle trot, the innovative director of music videos Steve Barron saw many a potential April O’Neill: Kendrick, Jennifer Beals, Lorraine Bracco, Sandra Bullock, Melanie Griffith, Nicole Kidman, Winona Ryder, Brooke Shields, Marisa Tomei, Sean Young. TMNT legend states Hoag was never considered for the sequels because she complained so much the violence – and the six-day shooting schedule.
  2. Emma Stone, The Amazing Spider-Man, 2010.
  3. Rose Huntington-Whitely, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 2010.   The Broadway (and Hollywood) actress was in the chase to replace – not the Mikaela role,  but Megan Fox… after her hassles with the franchise director Michael Bay. She compared him to Hitler (and Napoleon) and producer Steven Spielberg told him to fire her ass. The Victoria’s Secret model became Carly, Shia LaBeouf’s new squeeze. Also considered: Camilla Belle Katie Cassidy, Brooklyn Decker, Ashley Greene, Lucy Hale, Amber Heard, Julianne Hogue, Anna Kendrick, Miranda Kerr, Blake Lively,  , Heidi Montag, Bar Refaeli, Sarah Wright.
  4. Emily VanCamp, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, 2013.      For Captain Steve Rogers’ sequel, announced one yearbefore the first film came out, Agent 13 was also aimed at:Alison Brie, Emilia Clarke, Jessica Brown Findlay, Felicity Jones, Elizabeth Olsen, Teresa Palmer and Imogen Poots, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  (Olsen was Wanda Maximoff, aka, Scarlet Witch, in a mid-credits scene to set up Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2014).
  5. Ashley Greene, Wish I Was Here, 2013.      All set for Janine until the dreaded Schedules spoke… Her Twilight saga cohort substituted. 
  6. Megan Fox, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 2013.   This has to be a record!   Some 23 years after the first live-TMNT, Portland’s Kendrick was still in the loop for April O’Neill… Newer to the fray were Jane Levy and Elizabeth Olsen. They were all stunned, with the rest of Hollywoo, when producer Michael Bay gave April to the girl he had sacked from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 2011, for comparing him to Hitler.  
  7. Dakota Johnson, Black Mass, 2014.  Lindsey Cyr was the doting lover of the infamous Whitey Bulger, the South Boston crime boss with a US Senator brother – and FBI help in avoiding jail and tackling the Italian Mafia muscling in on his territory.  Also up for Lindsey in the damn near black-comedy were Kendrick, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Felicity Jones, the too busy Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Margot Robbie.
  8. Genesis Rodriguez, Big Hero 6, 2014.  “We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned.Karen Gillan, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anna Kendrick and  Amanda Seyfried were in the  mix for voicing chemistry geek Honey Lemon  Lemon  in Disney’s first Marvel subject, winning the best animation Oscar.  It unfurls in 2023 (we all know that computer battery number, right?) in San Fransokyo (‘Frisco rebuilt by the Japanese after an earthquake) and deals with a super-troupe  behind the titular collective name… that nobody ever
  9. Jessica Chastain, It: Chapter Two, 2018.    Awkwafina, Karen Gillan, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anna Kendrick, Gena Rodriguez, Amanda Seyfried, Jenny Slate were uo for the adult version of the abused Bev Marsh… inthe 262nd of Stephen King’s staggering 313 screen credits … and his second biggest hit! The first?  It, 2016, of course. (King Kameo: Pawnbroker).


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