Anne Vernon

  1. Cécile Aubry, Manon, France, 1948.   Ex-fashion model (and designer), Vernon chanced her arm at acting (under her real name:  Edith Vignaud) in Le mannequin assassiné (The Murdered Model) in 1947, first step in her rise to the top in, for example, Edouard et Caroline, in the early 50s. Plus various UK and US films. However, she lost the lead of réalisateur Henri-Geofges Clouzot’s shaking up of  Abbé Prévost’s 18th Century French novel, Manon Lescaut, by transposing it to the immediate post-WWII years of persecution of  those collaborating with the Nazi occupation of France. Such as Clouzot, himself, for working for  Germany’sContinental Film company in Paris. He was banned from making films – from even touching a film-camera! –  for life…  later  cut to  two years. Or we he could never have made such classics as The Wages  of Fear, Diabolique, La verité. When Jean Aurel moved Manon to the 60s, Manon 70 was  Catherine Deneuve – the daughter of Anne  Vernon in  The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, 1963!

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