Annie Vernay

  1. Martine Carol, Bifur 3, France 1944.     Réalisateur Maurice Cam started shooting in the ill-fated 1939. WWII began and filming collapsed. By the time, the Nazi occupation of France was over (many French say WWII lasted 1939-1944!), the leading lady had died of typhus aged 19 on a boat to America.  With her a new look, blonde hair and nose (?), Carol was the newest of newcomers as Germaine in the fifth of her 50 features. Ironically, first choice for Gisèlehad been Spanish star Conchita Montenegro – Spain’s s 1944 Lola Montes– played by Carol for director Max Ophuls in 1955.

 Birth year: 1921Death year: 1941Other name: Casting Calls:  1