Ariyon Bakare

  1. Mykelti Williamson, Fences, 2016.      The young Londoner actor – breaking through in UK TV’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and Dancing on the Edge, plus The Dark Knight and Rogue One movies – flew to LA auditions for three hot roles. Including Dezel Washington’s third actor-diecting piece, Fences, based on August Wilson’s 1987 Tony winning Broadway play, – Tony-winning again when re-staged by Denzel and Violaa Davis in 2010.
  2. Mahershala Ali, Hidden Figures, 2016.      “I was like, I’m going to land a big Hollywood movie. But I didn’t know which one… Life was the one that I really liked the most… my first audition out of all three of them (and he won the paraplegic space station biologist Derry). I did love Hidden Figures… but I really wanted to work with Denzel Washington! Mahershala’s so good looking. Me and him standing next to each other… Ha!

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