Audrey Meadows

  1. Ann Blyth, One Minute to Zero,1951.   Meadows tested for Linda at age32. Claudette Colbert was playing her, at 48, when she got pneumonia – and was subbed by Blyth, all of…23.  That’s Hollywood!
  2. Janet Blair, Public Pigeon No 1, 1956.      Hollywood Reporter reported that real-life sisters Jayne and Audrey Meadows would be sisters in what became Red Skelton’s final film. Except, Edith and Rita weren’t siblings…! Audrey was the best-loved Alice Kramden, Jackie Gleason’s wife in TV’s The Honeymooners. Gleason rejected her at first for being too pretty – rather insulting to the first and third Mrs K, Pert Kelton and Sheila McCrae.
  3. Elizabeth Taylor, The Flintstones, 1994.    Comedy king Jackie Gleason’s long-suffering wife in TV’s The Honeymooners, 1951-56,  was director Brian Levant’s  first idea for the new character of Fred’s mother-in-law, Pearl Slaghoople.  “But I thought if we got Liz, it’d be special!”  It wasn’t. 


 Birth year: 1926Death year: 1996Other name: Casting Calls:  3