Aurore Clément

  1. Domiziana Giordano, Nostalghia, Italy-Russia, 1982.  For his first film made outside his motherland,  Andrei Tarkovsky, hailed as the finest Russian film-maker since Sergei  Eisenstein, saw numerous films to find his cinematographer and leading lady and usually said: “Hated it, loved her…” Fanny Ardant in Truffaut’s La femme d’à côté Jill Clayburgh in Paul Mazursky’s  An Unmarried Woman…  Aurore Clément in Elio Petri’s Buone notizie.  Brigitte Fossey promised to drop everything to work with him and he was much taken by Isabelle Huppert (she and Clayburgh shared the 1978 Cannes festivall best actress award). Italian money insisted on an Italian star. He did not want  Marcello Mastroianni or Ugo  Tognazzi but fell for Giordano – for the second of her 18 screen roles.  Ingmar Bergman said Tarkovsky was “the most important director of all time.” A  minor planet was named after hjm in 1982 – 3345 Tarkovsky.

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