Barbara Valentin

  1. Kitten Natividad, United Trash (US: The Slit),  Germany,  1995. Barbara was  the German Jayne Mansfield, a  later  favourite  of  director Rainer Werner Fassbinder and, therefore, a German gay ikon. She fled this mess after three days shooting in Zimbabwe… never to be seen again until her 82nd and final screen role, Die Hunde sind schuld, TV, 2001.  Worse than Ed Wood, director Christoph Schlingensief made films closely resembling dog shit. It was one of his “stars,” famous over-actor Udo Kier, who had suggested Nativdad, the ex-Russ Meyer star.  Being  no longer a kitten, more of a 1,000 lbs and,  tragically, totally naked gorilla, made her sufficiently grotesque  for Schlingensief ‘s eighth “film.”  The good news – he had made only two more by 2008..


 Birth year: 1940Death year: 2002Other name: Casting Calls:  0