Barrie Chase

  1. Julie Prowse, Can-Can, 1959.   Claudine made made a Broadway star of Gwen Verdon  But Hollywood didn’t want her (zshe hasdn’t saved Damn Yankees,  1957).  Chase  was first choice before MacLaine became the hottest act in  town. Chase danced out the door when  palmed off with two dance numbers, ironically the kind of speciality routines Verdon had been stuck with for years in films.  Prowse took over Garden  of Eden and the Apache dances.  Co-star Sinatra fell for her – heavily –  until she refused to give up her career for him.
  2. Shirley Jones, Pepe, 1960.   Judy Garland and Natalie Wood were in and then out as Suzie.  Columbia and Posa Films, the Mexican company of the titular Cantinflas, then looked at Sandra Church – and  beautiful Barrie, the most wasted dancer in US filmusical history.
  3. Ann-Margret, State Fair, 1961.   Pity about that.  Maybe a tad too old but Chase was – by far – the better dancer.  That is why Fred Astaire booked her for four of his TV specials.

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