Barry Foster

  1. John Fraser, Doctor Who #115: Logopolis, TV, 1981.        Age apparently, didn’t matter. The Monitor was 60 but (scandalous) producer John Nathan-Taylor’s usual suspects ranged from Harry Andrews at 77 to Hywel Bennett at…37! Plus Maurice Denham, 72; Marius Goring, 69; Peter Cushing, 68; Bernard Archard, Michael Gough, 65; Nigel  Stock, 62; Geoffrey Bayldon, 57; William Lucas, 56; Frank Finley, 55; Barry Foster, Frank Windsor, 54; Johm Fraser, 50; Peter Wyngarde, 48. This as the episode that Brian Epstein would not let The Beatles appear in. But he OKed Top of the Pops footage of Ticket To Ride.

  2. Patrick Stewart, Lifeforce, 1984.
  3. Michael Gothard, Lifeforce, 1984.
  4. Aubrey Moris, Lifeforce, 1984  
  5. Frank Finlay, Lifeforce, 1984.
  6. Peter Firth, Lifeforce, 1984.
  7. Chris Sullivan, Lifeforce, 1984.
  8. John Hallam, Lifeforce, 1984.

  9. Michel Caine, Jack The Ripper, TV, 1988.      One blond for another… Foster was first choice for Inspector Frederick Abberline until Caine was persuaded (by the script) to return to TV. (He’d been away for 20 years). It was never revealed if he had any shares in Thames TV but they shot through the £5 roof for the first time because of his casting.   (I saw the smooth Foster   – the serial killer in Hitchcock’s last British film, Frenzy, 1971 – in a stage play called  My Place at the Bournemouth Pavilion in 1962  – co-starring  Diane Cilento aka Mrs Connery at the time).  

 Birth year: 1927Death year: 2002Other name: Casting Calls:  9