Ben Murphy

  1. Roger Davis, Ride the Wild Surf, 1963.  A group of friends  – led by Fabian! – practise their favourite sports in Hawaii.  Surfing  the waves and chasing the babes.  Davis joined Murphy as  the Butch & Sundance-ish Alias Smih and Jones  series.  
  2. Pete Duel, Love on a Rooftop, TV, 1966-1967.  Duel and Laugh In’s Judy Carne won the lovely-young-couple sitcom, highly, er, influenced by Neil Simon’s play and later   film, Barefoot in the Park. Murphy lost out, this time to his first co-star in the Alias Smith and Jones series..  Duel commited suicide in 1971. Davis and Dule ahad previously been together in The Young Country tele-Western, 1969.
  3. Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate, 1967.  “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”  Hoffman kept refusing to test because he felt insulted – he was Jewish, not a WASP.  So was director Mike Nichols, who convinced him with his celebrated zinger. “Well, maybe Benjamin ls Jewish inside.”  Robert Redford insisted he wasn’t right and Nichols agreed. “The public would never believe Redford as a loser with girls.”   Idem for Warren Beatty George Hamilton and Robert Wagner…  Next? Keir Dullea, Charles Grodin (called up for  Nichols in 1969’s Catch 22, 1969), Albert Finney, Harrison Ford, Steve McQueen (!),  David Lynch regular Jack Nance, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Perkins (better as Chaplain Tappman in Catch 22),  Burt Ward (Batman’s Robin but Fox TV wouldn’t let him go), Gene Wilder and the inevitable unknown, Lee Stanley, who went on to be a  docu director. Oh, and Hoffman’s room-mate, Robert Duvall. (Gene Hackman also shared their digs and he was fired from Mr Robinson!). Producer Lawrence Turman said they saw a million kids… Nichols used as many as he could. Mike Farrell (TV’s M*A*S*H) and Kevin Tighe won screen debuts. Richard Dreyfuss, for example, got an actual line – “Shall I get the cops? I’ll get the cops” –   much better than walk-ons for  Brian Avery (in TV until 2018) and Donald F Glut (TV’s Frankenstein  monster in the 50s).  Hoffman got $17,000 and was then jobless and back on welfare for months. Until catching the Midnight Cowboy bus.

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