Bérènice Bejo


  1. Shannyn Sossamon,  A Knight’s Tale,  2000.     Soon after her debut in Gérard Jugnot’s (aptly named)  Meilleur espoir féminin, she was on holiday in LA and won an auditon with Heath Ledger’s hard day’s knight.   Director Brian Heglund made her his  princess, but the suits felt she was better, er,  suited to the servant girl, Christiana.  “It was cute but that was the end of my Hollywood experience.”   Until February 26, 2012, when  she was a nominated part of the Oscar-winning team of The Artist – directed  by her husband, Michael Hazanavicius.   She won a Best Actress César for the film.
  2. Emily Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow, 2012.      So you thought Groundhog Day was science-fiction?  No, this is the real sf Groundhog. Tom Cruise (as Killer Cage, no less) has to live (and die) each day until he gets his alien-fighting right.  The French Artiststar Bejo was seen for his trainer, miltary godess Rita Vrataski,  with whomBlunt stole the entire movie. Bejo preferred subbing  the busy French Oscar-winner  Marion Cotillard in Le Passé for Iran’s Separation director Asghar Farhadi.   Result: Steven Spielberg’s 2013 Cannes festival jury voted her Best Actress.
  3. Ambra Angiolini, La scelta (The Choice) Italy, 2014.   Italian star and director Michele Placido first contacted Bejo for Laura, the wife in a  childless couple dealing with her pregnancy caused by a rape – based on the Pirandello novel, L’innsto (Grafted).  
  4. Marion Cotillard, Allied, 2016.        Spies in love. During WWII. Sounds better than it was. On the suggestion list for Brad Pitt’s lover, were the top French suspects. Cotillard’s usual deputy, Bejo, Adèle Exarchopoulos (too young for Brad), Tarantino favourite Mélanie Laurent, Léa Seydoux, Mélanie Thierry. And three ex-Canal Plus TV weather girls, actresses all, performing sketches, jokes, japes, before the weather forecast and winning films galore en years), as a result: Louise Bourgoin (16 movies in seven years), Canadian Charlotte Le Bon (16 in nine), Pauline Lefèvre and, the most talented, Doria Tellier… she wrote her own filmMonsieur et Madame Adelmann, 2016.  



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