Betty Aberlin

  1. Judith O’Dea, Night of the the Living Dead, 1967.   Bizarre to think of horrorsmith George A Romdero watching the kids’ TV show, Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood – but that ‘s where he fell for  Aberlin and asked her to be his heroine, Barbara. Mister Fred Rogers (of the eternal cardigans, knitted  by his Mom) squashed  that idea as it might reflect badly on his show –  although  kids were not old enough to see the movie. Apparently, he didn’t know actors tend to play different roles unlike his 895 shows during 1968-2001. Once the cardigans died, Lady Aberlin was free to make five Kevin Smith films including one guaranteed to upset Mister Rogers. Zack and  Miri Make a Porno,2008.  PS The middle name of the sanctimonious Rogers was… McFeely!

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