Betty Buckley


  1. Jessica Harper, Phantom of the Paradise, 1973.    ”The Voice of Broadway” auditioned as Phoenix but director Brian De Palma preferred Harper. However, he kept Betty around for looping on this film and his next, Obsession –  and thanked her by increasing the role of Carrie’s gym teacher for her film debut which,  in turn, led to playing Carrie’s mad Mom in the Broadway musical version  of the Stephen King book King book.     
  2. Mary Frann, Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion, TV, 1987.      BB had been Abby Bradford for 102 of the 112 chapters of the sitcom during 1977-1981. But when the tele-film was set up, she had she had noved up in the world. So what is poor girl to do? Stay home as Abbey – go to Paris to be Harrison Ford’s mysteriously missing wife in Roman Polanski’s Frantic. Tough decision, that.
  3. Sally Field, Brothers & Sisters, TV, 2006-2010.      The Oz star was Nora, matriarch of the Walker clan in the unaired pilot – one of three major changes for the series.

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