Bo Hopkins

  1. Kris Kristofferson, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid, 1972.
  2. Rod Taylor, The Deadly Trackers, 1972.    Or, Riata (Spanish for rope) when maverick auteur Samuel Fuller was making it for Warners.Sam and studio fell out… Fuller first wanted Mick Jagger as the bank robbing killer in this retribution parable: I Shot Jesse James Meets UnderworldUSA.Next stop: Hopkins or Jim Morrison.  About Jagger, the Warner suits said: “Who’d go see that guy in a movie?” Rather more than paid to see Taylor and sheriff Richard Harris sleepwalking in the West for Sam’s replacement Barry Shear  – from 65 TV shows. “They COMPLETELY LOBOTOMISED my story,” yelled Sam in his usual CAPITALS, “yet left myname on that PIECE OF GARBAGE as a co-writer.”



 Birth year: 1938Death year: 2022Other name: Casting Calls:  2