Bobs Watson

  1. Sonny Bupp, On Borrowed Time, 1938.       Bobs (his father started the nickname) was in a  family of nine movie brats. He was  called The Cry Baby of Hollywood because he could shed tears on cue – puddles of them, noted IMdB.  Booked as Boy In Tree, he was replaced by Bupp when promoted to the more central Pud, an orphan looked after by grandad Lionel Barrymore. Bupp had more screen roles, 67 – including Citizen Kane’s son at age 12 – to Watson’s  59. Bobs remains best known as  Pee Wee in  Boys’ Town, 1937 – where Spencer Tracy impressed him so much as Father Flanagan that the kid grew up  to be a Methodist pastor for 30 years. And was one of the dying Tracy’s final visitors. 

 Birth year: 1930Death year: 1999Other name: Casting Calls:  1