Brandon De Wilde

  1. Donald McDonald, The Kentuckian, 1954.     In April, the producer, director and star Burt Lancaster considered the Shane scene-stealer as his son, Litte Eli. But that expression kept nagging him – scene-stealer! Lancaster did not want anyone taking the shine off his Big Eli.
  2. Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate, 1967.     Broadway’s Mike Nichols came to town and saw, tested, auditioned and sometimes called back (Jack Nicholson certainly) almost every guy of the correct age for the titular Benjamin Braddock. From Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) and the kid from Shane (De Wilde, now 25 and dead in a Denver road accident at 30) to Robin (Burt Ward, too busy in TV’s Batman)… Plus Keir Dullea, Harrison Ford, Charles Grodin (he won Nichols’ next, Catch 22 instead, as did Perkins), George Hamilton, Steve McQueen, Michael Parks, George Peppard. And the prerequisite outsider: MGM pactee turning director, Lee Stanley. Said Hoffman: “There is no piece of casting in the 20th century that I know of that is more courageous than putting me in that part.”

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