Brenda Arnau

  1. Catherine Schell, Space:1999, TV, 1975-1978.  Direct from quitting Mission: Impossible,  Martin Landau and his wife, Barbara  Bain,  studied the other casing.  More trouble than they were worth, they did not want anyone pinchjng their  shine..  US writer  Fred Freiberger (credited as a more English-sounding Charles Woodgrove) wanted Teresa Graves or the singer Brenda Arnau  as Maya, the Moonbase Alpha science officr.  However, CBS was worried about their third lead being Black.  Francesca Annis was also in the mix but the married creator-producer team of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson called back Schell, who had played a different alien in the opening  episode, Guardian of Piri.  Catherine wasn’t sure about a series –  “greed won out in the end.”.

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